Friday, March 04, 2005

Restraint is no longer necessary

Let me at her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The phone number in telephone box thing is soooooo on. I've been pushed to my absolute limit by her fucking hypocrisy.
The girl in question has been one of my best friends for almost two years now, so I'm actually really sad that I'm writing this, I don't ever really slag off my friends, but I'm not even sure that S. is my friend now.
The house we share was empty last night, so she was looking forward to some solitude, (eg she was going to wander round naked and use her vibrator), but my boyfriend came over to pick up something he'd left in my room. He didn't catch her naked or anything, but he did hear her listening to Christina Aguilera, which is probably why she's so pissed off. She's always insisting that she's into really dark d&b, but now we all know what she listens to in private..........
Anyway, now she doesn't want JG round here anymore, because it's a 'violation of her privacy'.
We live in a shared house, the only area that's private is her room, but I don't think she gets that she doesn't have a claim on the whole house the whole time. I think she would have been just as pissed off if I or one of my other house mates had come home.
The irony of it is is that it was her that gave my fella the set of keys, not me, I'm way too commitment phobic to do something like that.........
AND I came home from my trip in the summer to find two of her friends and their two cats living in my house, did she ask my permission? No. Did they contribute to the rent during the three months they stayed? No. Did they help out with the bills? No. Did their cats shit everywhere? Yes.
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