Tuesday, February 28, 2006

happy birthday

My blog is a year old

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You've changed

I was looking back over some of my earlier postings recently, and I began to wonder if I was less bitter than I used to be. I don't seem to be as angry as I used to be, the vitriol isn't there...I don't yell at the news any more, I cry. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, I'm calmer and not so hard to be around now, but I feel ten times more powerless.
I look back and can't believe how cynical I was about my relationship, and I can't remember if I was putting it on or not (alcohol and drug abuse ruins your memory kids). We're still together, and I love him, maybe it's that that mellowed me....what a fucking cliche though, 'All she needed was the love of a good man'. I don't want that to be the case, it's like when you get to the end of a book with a really, really evil character, and the author tried to explain it away by saying it was becasue their parents never loved them as a child. Did Shakespeare tell us at the end of Othello that Iago did it 'cos his mother left him with the nanny? No, and that's why will still read it, for the mystery.
I digress, I'm not a Shakesperean villain. Maybe it's living in Brighton, apparently we have the one of the lowest levels of carbon emissions in the country, maybe that's why I've calmed down since I moved here, but then if you look at the state of West Street on a Saturday night thst little theory is disproved, it's like Gaza.
Maybe it's all the' love' in the air down here, I doubt it though, people in Brighton have to be the most emotionally dysfunctional and fucked up I've ever encountered. No one can make their relationships work, friendships don't seem to last and for all the pseudo-Buddhist, smash-EDO, vote Green bollocks that floats around down here most people's ultimate concern is for them selves. That makes me angry.
Perhaps I'm not as calm as I thought!

Friday, February 17, 2006

big rabbit!

would it have been better if.....

If man/womankind had never been outside the boundaries of their own nation, would the world be a better place?
Are boats more danderous than guns?
Are walls such a bad thing?
In a melancholy, reflective kind of mood, been studying the crusades and the slave trade, hence the questions.
Answers on a postcard please...persuade me that the world would be this bad even if Europeans had never made it off the continent.


On the subject of respect....
The proposed smoking ban in pubs and bars - would it be necessary if smokers had the courtesy to ask the people around them if they minded them smoking?

freedom of speech

Jumping on board a bit late here I know (so what's new there?) but how crazy has this stuff about the Danish cartoons of Mohammed been?
Being a bleeding heart liberal like myself is a tricky thing in this situation - freedom of speech or defending a minority? Which way to turn? Our two big causes in conflict , it's almost enough to make us hit the organic, fairtrade, recycled bottle.....
Don't get me wrong, I think the fucker who drew those cartoons is a twat, how could have not known what would happen? The images he drew not only, by portraying the prophet of Islam as a terrorist, portrayed all Muslims as terrorists, but also went against one of the central beliefs of Islam, that men should not make 'graven images' of anything on earth or in heaven. (Yes, it's in the Koran and the Old Testament, but it's one of the many commandments that Christians seem to have decided to ignore, love thy neighbour being another.) People have died - and what was his point, that some Muslims have engaged in terrorist activity - well, duh, why not just write that, actually say it? There are hundreds of these images, which I'm not going to provide a link to, because I don't want to encourage anyone to bother looking at them, each as pointless as the last. They have no merit - they aren't satire, they have no real message or corrective impulse to them. All they make me think is - what was the point. The 'artist' will probably spend the rest of his life in hiding, and he's achieved noithing more than making the world a worse place.
BUT, 'behead those that insult islam' - ummm, no. The guy is a cunt, but let's not go that far. He insulted your religion, and he shouldn't have, and no newspaper of any integrity should ever have printed them, but encouraging violence against them? Islam is a relgion of peace and brotherhood, and it is being destroyed b y these more memorable images of exremism and viloence.
This is the ultimate case of 'It's not what you said but the way you said it' (How many times have boyfriends said that to me after a row?). Any religion should open for criticism, but that criticism should be constructed in the best possible way to get the message across, which in this case, in my humble position, was not to draw the Prophet with a bomb under his hat.
Freedom of speech is only viable when people have respoect for one another.....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Wasting my days...

I was expecting to have a package delivered, and as our letterbox is too small for anything bigger than the stamp on the actual letter, and our next door neighbours are evil scum I had to wait in for it. Our door bell doesn’t work either (heads up to any brighton residents - DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT rent from Property Moves, they don’t understand the concept of maintenance and they will rob you blind at every opportunity) so you have to wait right by the door, just in case the delivery person has the intelligence to realise that when they ring the bell it doesn’t make any sound. I must have gone to the loo or something, I come downstairs and there’s a card saying they’d come, but no one was in and would I like to go and pick it up from the depot in Shoreham on fucking Sea.
After negotiations and threats worthy of Middle East peace brokering, I arranged to have it redelivered, between the hours of two and three today, and got the afternoon off work, so I was sure to be in. It got there at 6.30. Life is so short and this is how we all end up spending out days - why?
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